Welcome to SMB Dance on Demand!

Bringing dance training in all styles to you at home from all your devices! Access our amazing SMB Dance family online to grow your confidence, physical development, exam training, and have lots of fun! You will also have access to our private Facebook group where updates, challenges and tasks will be added exclusively to our members.

Thank you very much for your support! Keep safe and healthy, and we are super excited you are able to join us online!

Many thanks, The SMB Dance Team.


We ask that you clear a good space to participate without there being any risk of injury to yourself or others. Please ensure the flooring in the room is safe for the activity to be undertaken. Any children taking part must be supervised or have permission from a parent/guardian. Any dancers who participate in online dance classes provided by SMB Dance shall do so at his/her own risk. Thank you for joining SMB Dance on Demand, have a great class!

Latest Videos

Warm Ups

Ballet Warm Up

Posted: 5 months ago – 2:58

Advanced Warm Up

Posted: 6 months ago – 12:23

Tap Warm Up

Posted: 5 months ago – 4:56

Tap Warm Up – Rosette

Posted: 5 months ago – 3:43


Advanced Pirouette Exercise

Posted: 5 months ago – 6:11

Pirouettes Part 1

Posted: 5 months ago – 1:32

Hairspray Dance Routine

Posted: 3 months ago – 5:36

Pas De Bourees – Advanced Jazz

Posted: 5 months ago – 2:56


Hairspray Dance Routine

Posted: 3 months ago – 5:36

I Believe Dance

Posted: 5 months ago – 13:50

Hoe Down – Grade 1 Theatre Craft

Posted: 5 months ago – 0:49